Asset Catalogue

Real-time Catalogue of all Applications, Computers and Users across your environment from time of installation. SHOP NOW

Fleet Analysis

Empirical utilisation analysis across your fleet without a desk side visit. Understand your environment within minutes with verifiable observations. SHOP NOW


Consolidate your application catalogue to a selection of supported application versions through easy rationalisation steps. SHOP NOW

Launch Control

Realise the value of real-time utilisation information. Application execution tracking and control with Launch Control, WhiteList and BlackList features. SHOP NOW

Survey Creation

Build, schedule and target surveys to clarify where assets are used while monitoring live survey progress across multiple target groups. SHOP NOW

Results Driven

Surveys are targeted at users to confirm specific details to provide a single source of truth towards licence optimisation. SHOP NOW


Take control with pacITware, to quickly and economically reduce licencing exposure through over or under utilisation. SHOP NOW


Single point of reference to enable business users to make informed decisions about their environment based on Usage trends and licence utilisation. SHOP NOW

"For the first time I can confidently quote the number of computers in our company and we have accurate details including the make, model, processor, memory and storage. This has given me valuable information for planning and budgeting purposes. We know what software is loaded on each computer and what is being providing is with accurate details for licensing requirements. We know where we have old versions of software so we can plan upgrades. We also know where we have security issues and unauthorised software installed. "

Phil Braz
General Manager, Information Technology

pacITware was founded on extensive experience within corporate and enterprise environments with particular focus on infrastructure design, rationalisation and implementation.